Dress/Conduct Codes

Volunteers are requested to arrive dressed appropriately for the work that they will be performing. This dress code has been developed with the safety of volunteers in mind in addition to protecting our students and guests. Please adhere to this code to ensure that you will be able to fully take part during your time of service. Volunteers arriving dressed inappropriately will not be allowed to take part unless suitable accommodations can be made.

• Please wear appropriate attire while volunteering! 

• Please, no open toe shoes, sandals or flip flops. Shorts must be no more than 3 inches above the knees. No jeans, pants or shorts with holes or loose strings permitted. 

• Volunteers should not wear revealing or tight-fitting clothing. Do not wear tank tops, sleeveless or low-cut shirts, short-shorts or tight pants (including yoga pants, leggings, or tights).

• Volunteers should not wear any hats or face coverings into the building unless wearing a mask. 

• Acceptable clothing includes shirts that cover the stomach, and upper arms and chest.

• Please refrain from cursing or any vulgar language. Volunteers, staff or any other worker will be asked to leave the premises after the first documented warning. 

• Please keep conversations to an appropriate volume. No loud, disturbing conversations permitted.  

Thank you for your cooperation!